In response to distant mountain views and encouraged by an already cleared space on the site, this project rises upward rather than outward.

Inspired by the idea of an 18′ double-height living room and resisting the urge to design a tower, Cubed became a physical expression of a mathematical approach to form. Requiring a rigorous approach to spatial arrangement, the 31′ cube envelops three internal cubes that in turn form the entryway, master balcony, and primary living space. Cubed reveals its structure and spatial arrangement on its exterior skin through material use and window composition and, as it evolves, will continue this reactionary approach on the interior of the project.

Site features: The elevation of this property and the height of the 3-story design allow views of both the Shawangunk Mountains to the South and Catskills Mountain Range to the Northwest.

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Our architect has designed a playful video to illustrate the concept for our next house…
via Studio MM on Vimeo.