This modern “cabin in the woods” is perched at the top of a wooded knoll in the Hudson Valley, with stunning views to the Shawangunk Mountains and Mohonk Preserve to the Southwest. Overlooking an adjacent pond and surrounded by 7 acres of wooded hills, the Lantern Ridge House accentuates mountain views while camouflaging itself in the densely forested environment. At night, the typically obscured house becomes a beacon for passing cars and a guiding light for our homeowners.

The home is focused on a single gathering space through which the 2,200 SF structure becomes at once intimate and expansive, private and public. Oriented to face both sunrise and sunset, this hinge point is created by the convergence of two private wings that contain separated accommodations for homeowners and their guests. A continuous wood ceiling shelters an exterior deck and the glass façade, which focuses expansive views, connects the clients with the immediate natural environment, and provides a consistently sunlit space.

The primary goal of the project was to create a home that responds to and enhances its natural surroundings while catering to the flexible needs of a client that craves both private reflection and social engagement.

Please contact us for more information. We design unique homes for each individual property. We also work with clients on custom modern home designs.